Support Agreements

To ensure that your Topcon 3D machine control equipment is always performing at its best, the Partnering Services team at Position Partners is here to support you. Our highly trained specialist technicians are committed to providing the highest quality of service and support, with Tokara Link support centres dedicated to ensuring requests are quickly actioned to maximise your machine uptime. 

Telematics hosting + Internet Data Usage

Tokara Link phone + email support 

Web Portal access
No charge hire during warranty repair* 
Capped hire charge during standard repairs
2 weeks 1 week
Annual support summary report
Quarterly support summary report
Priority response
Annual machine inspection#
Remote software + firmware updates 
Program radio frequencies & configure radios to site
Setup RTK network login (excludes network subscription)
Upload of Topcon design files from consultant/surveyor
Upload of Topcon design files from site manager
3D design conversion to correct format
Localisation conversions to correct format
Upload of machine calibration file
Remote basic operator instruction (untrained operators)

* Standard hire charges apply after repaired equipment is returned

# Includes first hour of travel. Excludes airfare and accommodation

Topcon Manufacturer Warranty

Warranty terms: 

  • All serial numbered items are covered by a 12-month 'back to base' warranty*
  • Cables are covered by a 90-day 'back to base' warranty
  • Hydraulic components (if any) are covered by a 90-day manufacturer's warranty
  • Position Partners installations are covered by a 90-day warranty
  • Field support labour and travel is chargeable at standard rates. Please contact us on 1300 867 266 for more information on our rates


  1. 'Back to base' warranty means returned to authorised Position Partners workshop
  2. *Up to two hours' travel may be included in some warranty claims
  3. Repair or replacement of components will be at the sole discretion of Position Partners

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